Why WhatsApp Automation is a must have tool for Real Estate Agents and Consultants

Why WhatsApp Automation is a must have tool for Real Estate Agents and Consultants

I don’t need to tell you that WhatsApp has taken over the world. Everyone is on it, and more than 1.2 billion people worldwide use this social network every month (that’s one in four people).


Suppose you’re a real estate agent or consultant looking to get ahead of your competition or automate your daily tasks. In that case, there is no better way of doing this than by using a WhatsApp marketing automation tool.


I’ll take you through why WhatsApp automation is so important for real estate agents and save time.


Do you wish your WhatsApp messages had more of an educational feel while still getting your point across? I have been working on a solution to this seemingly small problem, and I’ve decided to build a tool that saves me a significant amount of time by automating my property responses.


This is why I decided to make it available for anyone who works with real estate and needs to keep their phone clean and tidy without having the feeling of empty conversations with prospects.


My name Ayan Saha, and I have built a Real Estate Automation platform for people who work with real estate or want to sell or rent properties using WhatsApp and SMS (Text) as a primary medium.


The service is called RealAuto, a website where you can create custom templates for your Real Estate business.


I’ve been a Real Estate Digital Strategist for over 7 years. I know one thing for certain, if you are going to survive in this industry the last thing you need is another task on your plate, let alone an inbox clogged with messages from buyers and sellers.


With WhatsApp automation, you can send messages to your clients or any set of numbers in bulk and personalize each message just like an email campaign.


Here’s why WhatsApp automation is a must-have tool for Real Estate Agents and Consultants:


●   Automate follow-ups: You can create follow-up sequences for your clients and prospects. You can also build SMS campaigns that allow you to set reminders, notify clients about new listings, and send personalized messages based on the client’s preferences.


●   Send media files: You can send images, audio files, video files, and even PDFs to your contacts with WhatsApp automation.


Schedule appointments – Schedule meetings directly through WhatsApp using automated bots. No more back and forth emails trying to finalize a time that works for everyone.


Answer questions automatically – Your customers now have around-the-clock service as they can ask questions through automated agents 24/7 without waiting for an agent to respond during business hours.


With the right strategy, you can use WhatsApp automation to book more leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase customer satisfaction by delivering the right information at the right time to the right people.




Imagine this situation: A prospect is interested in one of your listings, and you start a conversation. You talk about the property, you share some pictures and videos, but you’re not closing a deal.


So what do you do? Do you keep talking about the property? Do you keep sharing more and more information? Or do you just let the chat go cold and continue your work?


Most people in this situation decide to keep talking about the property or move on with their work. The problem is that neither of these options is good for business.


Now, imagine an alternative situation where a tool between you and the lead keeps the conversation alive by distributing educational content. Maybe some news article related to real estate, perhaps a video with a market report, maybe some tips on how to buy/sell a home, etc.


Somehow, that tool automatically sends content to your lead to educate them, keep them engaged, and eventually bring them back to you when they’re ready to buy or sell.


During my time as an employee at a company , I realized one of the major pain points that people in the Real Estate industry face is that they are not able to follow up with their leads effectively. Also, there is no streamlined process to organize these leads, which results in a loss of potential leads.


While working on this project, I also realized that I enjoy building products more than anything else, and so I started working on this idea full-time after leaving the company in January 2018. And today, I am here to present my product to you.


Now What RealAuto can do:



With the help of RealAuto, a lead follow-up and conversation platform, you can start to build stronger relationships with your clients and prospects. This will lead to more deals, referrals, and overall happiness in your life as a real estate agent.


With RealAuto, You can send Personalized Bulk Messages to your leads using variables like {{First.Name}} or {{Last.Name}}.


The RealAuto platform is completely focused on helping you respond to all your leads in the most effective way possible. You can set up automated responses for every crucial step in the sales process, from initial buyer contact to post-closing thank you notes.


With RealAuto’s seamless integration into WhatsApp, text messaging and email platforms such as Gmail or Outlook – there’s no need to switch between apps or copy-paste between devices anymore! It allows you to send personalized messages at any time of day (or night) with just one click.




The property industry is one of those soiled industries where you have to use all sorts of tactics to get exposure. There are a lot of gatekeepers, and if you are an agent, everything that you do should be automated and delegated so that you can spend time looking for properties, not answering mundane details about properties or people. There is no better way to make money in this business than when things happen automatically, or by themselves. Anything else would be putting the cart before the horse. Automation is the future if you are serious about succeeding in this business.

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