How To Use The AIDEA Formula To Your Real Estate Marketing Advantage

AIDEA is a marketing formula that lists the stages a customer goes through during a purchasing process. It stands for attention, interest, desire, establishment and action. Often used to describe the phases of awareness that an individual goes through that leads to making a purchase of a product or service, it has also been applied to marketing campaigns as well as business planning.

Please meet your new best friend…the AIDEA formula. It’s been used in marketing since as early as 1898, and it works like a charm. But only if you can figure out how to use it, and that’s where I come in.


The AIDEA formula is a marketing methodology used to generate leads and sales.


As with any process or methodology, you can implement the steps involved in AIDEA in different ways depending on your particular industry or niche market.


Did you know almost all sales techniques and methods for new home builders, apartment developers and real estate agents were invented over a hundred years ago? Like statistics and home loans, these tools were revolutionary in their day.


You see, used correctly, the AIDEA formula can help you sell more homes! And because they are such an old sales technique, most people don’t know they exist.


In this article, I want to share exactly how AIDEA works and how you can use this information to your advantage.


Have you ever wondered why there are several AIDEA booklets and seminars on the market in real estate? Though this technique is emphasized in real estate, it is also widely used in non-luxury sales, retail, and service industries.


The AIDEA formula is based on the assumption that people think either in words or pictures. From the name of the formula, you can guess that AIDEA stands for:


AIDEA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Establishment, Action – advertising formula was created by American Advertising Advocate Elias St. Elmo Lewis and was essentially put forth as a guideline for getting your audience’s attention, creating interest and desire, the establishment of your brand and ultimately eliciting a specific type of action.


When this formula is used correctly in your real estate marketing strategy, it can help empower you to achieve your business goals.



The AIDEA model is widely used in marketing and communications.



Attention is the first step in the process of developing an advertisement. This is a general rule for all forms of marketing communications, but especially important for television because there are so many other things competing for your audience’s attention.



Once you have the viewer’s attention, you must develop and maintain interest in your product or service. This is done by creating a clear message that appeals to the target audience. To do this, ask yourself why they would be interested in your product or service?



Once you have gained the viewer’s interest, you must develop a desire for your product or service. What features/benefits does it offer to make them want to buy it?



The next step is to establish the product as an acceptable solution to their need or problem. You should make sure that viewers can see themselves using your product or service and then explain how it will improve their lives.



The final step is to encourage action by telling viewers where and how to purchase your product or service. Make sure this information is easy to find, understand and remember. Don’t forget that a call to action can also include asking them to visit a website, enter a contest, etc.


Use the AIDEA formula when you write your ads.

AIDEA formula is a simple method that you can use to create more effective ads. With this formula, you will be able to get people’s attention and make them take action. The key here is to get the attention of potential buyers and make them take action in the right direction.


Here are some additional benefits of using this formula:


1. It helps you plan your advertising campaigns

2. You can use it to improve your sales copy

3. You can measure the success of your ad campaign

4. It helps you make your ads more persuasive


There are other benefits of using this method, but these four benefits should be enough for you to start using this method as soon as possible.


The following is the AIDEA formula to follow in the Indian real estate business:



1. Be attractive

Property is all about looks. Whether it is a home or a commercial building, make sure that the exterior shot of your property is attractive.


Your exteriors will set the tone for what lies ahead. If your exteriors are not appealing, buyers may not even enter your premises.


2. Be informative

Once you have managed to attract buyers and they enter your premises, you need to ensure that they get as much information as possible about your property. Ensure that there are enough brochures and pamphlets available for the ready reference of prospective customers.


Also, do not forget to keep a few catalogues handy to easily inform people about what you have on offer and what the various options available for them are.


3. Be descriptive

Many real estate agents focus on selling property by just giving out basic information about its location, area and price.


But experts suggest that this is not enough for selling property in India. It would help if you went into specifics regarding everything from interiors to infrastructure facilities and amenities surrounding the property so that potential buyers can easily visualise life there and understand how beneficial it would be for them to invest in it.


4. Call to Action

Yes! It’s that important to stress call-to-action in any content marketing strategy. Putting up a “Call Now” tab or a “Get Quote” button can leverage your chances of converting prospects into leads.


Try and give them an option to input their number or email id to contact them easily.


AIDEA Formula Advantages


The key advantages of the AIDEA model are:


It provides a simple but powerful structure for generating sales and marketing communications ideas.


It is quick and easy to use, even for inexperienced marketers. It does not require advanced training or significant expertise in writing copy.


You can use it to evaluate and improve existing communications and develop new ones.


The AIDEA formula is a useful tool to use when crafting your marketing message and setting your budget.


Benefits: The first step is to define the benefits of your property. Benefits are different from features, as they focus on how the property will improve someone’s life or business.


For example, “central location” is a feature, but “convenient access to major transportation” is a benefit.


Importance: Once you’ve established the benefits of your property, you need to determine how important those benefits are to potential buyers.


You can do this by asking friends and family for their opinions or talking to real estate agents who have worked in that area before.


Differentiation: Now, take a look at other properties in your area. What are their benefits? How do they compare? If there’s no difference between your property and others like it, then the importance of the listed benefits will decrease significantly.


However, if your property stands out among others in your area, its listed benefits’ importance will increase dramatically.

Remember that differentiation isn’t always about what’s inside the home; it can also be about location or design elements outside of the home.


Use this element to consider how you’re different from competitors in your market and what sets you apart from similar homes on sale right now.


After weighing these factors, you should have a good idea of what your marketing budget should be for each channel.


Bottomline: You can apply the AIDEA formula to any industry, and the real estate marketing landscape is a good example. Agents can use it at all levels of experience, but it can also influence a seller’s marketing by using their direct network of friends and family. Overall, there are endless possibilities for how you can adopt this formula to market homes in your region.


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