How We Doubled the Site Visit & Clouser

Learn How we Double Our Site Visit and Conversation with the Power of
Content Marketing, Automation & Proper Lead Tracking System Only. 

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80% of the site visit happen after the 5th Follow Up…

(What, If We Give a Complete Automation Followup System to Increase your Site Visit)


1.  44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up.          

2.  60% of customers say no four times before saying yes.

3.  Only 3% of your market is actively buying; 56% are not ready, while 40% are poised to begin.

4.  9 out of 10 customers do a minium of  20 to 30 days of research online before they finalize any property.


What We Automate to Increase The Site Visit & Sales

❌  Download Facebook Leads, Google Leads Manually & Send the Details Manually After Saving.

✅   Automatically Your Leads Will Get Project Details from Your No Whats app No in 5 Second Without Saving his Contact.

❌  Hire Someone to Follow-Up and Nurture the Leads and Pay them Salary

✅   Customer will Get Auto-Follow-Up Massage for The Next 30 Days From Your Whats app & SMS.

❌  Manually Need to Share the Leads to Your Team Members After Collecting Leads from Diferent Leads 

✅   Automatically Leads will be Shared with your Team Members whats app no Without Doing Anyting

❌  No Communication After 2 Weaks

✅   Automatic Communication with Followup Macanisam

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I Help Realestate Builder, Developer and Marketing Partner to Get Maximise Site Visit & Conversion With Our Proven Content Marketing Strategy & Automation.  Work More than 100 Projects and Implemented the Strategy Successfully to Increase the Site Visit and Conversion.

Get 30 Days Lead Nurturing Template  ₹4999+GST. 🔥